Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click service is the Digital marketing strategy, an online advertising model by which advertiser can place their ads on the Search Engines by paying a fee when ever their Ad is clicked by someone so that the Ad click leads to the landing page of their Website, it means you pay money only when you see the result.

Pay Per Click model is the paid advertising which cover different advertising platforms and techniques to rank top on Search Engine Results Page. PPC Advertising platforms include search engines like Google, bing, youtube, Facebook & other social media networks. The main strategy in PPC Management is bidding which varies for different platforms.

Google perform PPC Marketing by Auction. It choose the advertiser who is having max bid and Quality score which results to your Ad rank. Factors that play an important role in PPC Marketing are Campaign , CPC,CTR, Keywords, Landing Page.

Egalitarian Tech Connectivity is the leading Digital Marketing agency in Bangalore offers the Pay Per Click service through which your brand visibility increases to the targeted audience & boost the conversion rate. We provide an effective way to buy visits to your Website.

We first understand your business, analyze your priorities and goals then start a PPC campaign to run the Ads and Generate Leads to increase Sales & online Revenue.

Our Pay Per Click Strategy


1. Evaluation

Evaluate your present PPC efforts if you already in.


2. Research

We do the right keyword research and analysis according to your business.


3. Campaign

Create a Google Ad Campaign(CAMPAIGN)


4. Optimizing

Optimize your Landing page & bidding strategy.

Quality Score

5. Quality Score

Increase your quality score to increase the Google Ad Rank.


6. Tracking

Track the conversions to improve the Click Through Rate.

Why Choose Egalitarian Tech Connectivity for Pay Per Click

Egalitarian Tech Connectivity offers you more targeted and controlled Advertising as maintaining Budget is very important for a business. We perform different PPC Ads mainly Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads ,Social Media Ads.

To be successful in market you should have a proper PPC guidance and management including the PPC Account for the business, because you need to know how much money should be spent on your ad when it is clicked. Egalitarian Tech Connectivity PPC Management makes you succeed in the market by giving a significant strategy to grow the traffic & conversion metrics.

Our PPC Management show you fast and measurable returns on the campaigns & grow your business brand recognition. PPC Management convert more than 50% of your Website visitors into customers. As we have right balance in PPC Management we can bring excellent Return On Investment because our aim is to reach more number of Target audience.

Our PPC service includes much more than just managing AdWords. It encompasses all the networks you would expect, from paid search to paid social whatever type of campaign yields the best ROI from shopping to re-marketing from Gmail to YouTube.


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