Google Ads Management

Google Ads is a paid online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers bid to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users. Google Ads formerly known as Google Adwords.

Whether you’re an established company having Ad Campaign or a startup who is looking forward for Ad Campaign , we take your campaign the next level with our complete Google Ads Management service.

Google Ads Management

Why Google Ads For Your Business

Google Ads makes your business to reach audience, customers who uses Google to search information, products and services online with keywords or queries relevant to your business. Google Ads target potential customers & the results are quick and measurable. Google Ad Campaigns enable features like keywords, demographic, device, scheduling, measuring conversations and many more. Google Ads is also cost effective as it allows us to set daily budget for each campaign & give high returns. Google Ads drive more website visits , phone calls & increases your shop/ business visits.

Our Approach To Google Ads Management

Our expert team develop PPC strategy to manage Google Ads & build cost effective and profitable targeted paid campaigns by focusing on keywords.


1. Research

We will understand your business, profit margins & do research on target audience, customers.

Competitor Analysis

2. Competitor Analysis

Know your industry competitors & analyze the competitors digital strategy , Ad Campaigns.

Keyword Research

3. Keyword Research

We will do keyword research to choose the right keyword for creating the Ad Campaign.

Create Campaign

4. Create Campaign

We consider our research, analysis to develop an effective PPC strategy to create & build Ad Campaign.


5. Optimize

We configure all the Ad Campaign features & optimize to achieve high conversion rates.

 Detailed Report

6. Detailed Report

We give you a detailed report to understand the CTR & Conversion rates ,so that we make sure your Ad Campaign optimized properly.

Our Range Of Google Ads Services

1. Google Search Ads

2. Google Display Ads

3. Google shopping Ads

4. Google video Ads

5. Remarketing

6. Google Analytics

7. Google search Console

Why Choose Egalitarian Tech Connectivity For Google Ads Management

Choosing Egalitarian Tech Connectivity for Google Ads provide you more visits & leads. Our Ad Campaigns boost your business instantly & place you in a position with your competitors. Our skilled PPC specialists provide you dynamic landing pages. We expand your business by giving additional information with Ad Extensions such as Site Link extensions, Call extensions, Location Extensions, Offer Extensions, App extensions.

Our team analyze the conversion rates & optimize the Ad to get better return on investment. We optimize the paid search lading pages to grab the visitors attention & make them interact with your business to make the Ad Campaign successful. We use Google Analytics & Google Search Console to track your Google Ad Campaigns.

We make sure our Google Ad Campaign strategy cover the following list.

  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Negative Keywords
  • Creative Ad Launch
  • Individual Budget
  • Device Optimizing
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Quality Score & Ad Rank
  • CVR & CTR
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Responsive & Different types of Ads
  • Landing Page Design
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Geo Graphic Optimizing
  • Keyword Ad Groups
  • Sales Level Tracking

Want To Know How Google Ads Work

Google Ads work on Pay Per Click model. In PPC we need to pay Google each time when your ad is clicked. Advertisers or marketers bid on each search term or specific target keyword to place their Ad on top of the search results.

Advertisers have 3 options to bid :

1. Cost Per Click - you pay only when your Ad is clicked.

2. Cost Per mile – you pay for 1000 Ad impressions.

3. Cost per Engagement – pay when some action is performed with your Ad.

Now Google consider the bidding amount, quality score which determine the Google Ad Rank. Higher Ad Rank value implies better rank in the auction & the winner is placed on top of the search results. Quality score is an estimate of your Ad quality, landing Page quality ,keywords, click through rates.

Want To Know How Google Ads Work

Google Search Ad Campaign

Google Search Ads are the text Ads which appear on search results page when people search with relevant keyword in Google search engine. They appear on the search result page with the black “Ad” symbol next to the URL. Google Search Ads are also known as Paid Search marketing, SEM.

Search Ads enable you to reach the people actively when they are looking for what you offer. Responsive Search Ads allows you to enter multiple headlines & Adcopy for best performers but Google allow only when you get more clicks & you are best in attracting target audience.

Google Search Ads is easy to setup with text and keywords. Business of any size small, medium or large can utilize Google Search Ads and get maximum benefit. Our Google Search Ad strategy is transparent to boost your online sales, leads & drive traffic.

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Google Search Ad Campaign
Google Display Ad Campaign

Google Display Ad Campaign

Display Ads are image based Ads shown on web pages in the Google Display network. These are visually engaging Ads which showcase your Ad on different Websites, Apps, Youtube ,Blogs etc,. Display Ads are of two types Standard Display Ad & Simple Display Ad, based on the business requirement we can choose them.

Display Ad Campaigns get successful only when your display grabs people attention for this your display should have compelling & irresistible design. Good Display Ad draw user attention away from the content on Google display network.

We display your Google Ad in an excellent way to build brand & recognition with Display Advertisement. Choosing Our Display Ads drive sales ,leads , bring awareness & reach the target audience.

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Google Video Ad Campaign

Google Video Ads ,display videos around 6 to 15 seconds which appear on Youtube before or after Youtube video play. Youtube is also a search engine so Google enabled option to choose specifically Video Ads instead of including in Display Ads. They are two types of Video Ads Skippable Ad &Un Skippable Ad.

In Video Ad Campaigns Google allow us to choose 6 variety of Campaigns like Drive Conversations, Custom Video Campaign, Video Reach Campaigns, Out Stream, Influence Consideration , Ad sequence. Based on the requirement of business we can choose them.

In our Google Video Ads we create video and upload it to Youtube and we make sure your video play before appropriate Youtube video. Our video Ads bring brand awareness, drive conversations & target people beyond the search results.

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Google Video Ad Campaign
Google Shopping Ad Campaign

Google Shopping Ad Campaign

Google Shopping Ads list the products of the retailer who is looking forward to sell their products using Google. Shopping Ads give the product information such as product image ,its price & product review.

Google Shopping Ads can appear on search results and on Google Shopping results. E-Commerce retailer can display their product information at the top of Google Results using Google Shopping.

We setup Shopping Ad Campaign with high quality product images, product stock listing with target keywords so that customers are motivated to make purchases. Retail marketers who want to drive sales and boost their store can choose our Shopping Ads.

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Google App Campaign

Google App Campaign promote your Mobile Application through an Ad which includes your application information. It your app information automatically and display on searches, youtube, playstore and on other websites.

Google offers 3 types of App Campaigns based on eligibility of account, App Install, App Engagement, App pre registration.

Our app Campaign gives easy setup ,drive signups, installing apps, engagements & do multi channel marketing so that you can find new app users and increase your sales.

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Google App Campaign


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