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What Is The Idel Length Of An Email Subject Line ?

A booming campaign starts with a subject line that grabs the eye of your subscribers. Good subject line is often personal or descriptive, and provides the recipient a reason to examine out your content no matter of whatever is your approach, it’s important to remain your audience in mind, and test keywords and phrases to see what they like.

Providing valuable content that isn’t too long is one of the larger challenges facing marketers and content producers, and it’s particularly troublesome with emails. There are a lot of factors to consider once writing emails – the devices your recipients use to look at your emails; the sort of content you’re including, your offer/CTA, the list goes on.


Make the most of these short subject lines by:

1. Being clear: You wish recipients to have an idea of what they’re opening.

2. Using action verbs: Provide excitement for your email with powerful vocabulary.

3. Getting creative, but always crosschecking (testing): See what works for your company.

An email subject line is the introduction to the content help inside the email. It’s sort of headline to an article. The topic line is what your subscriber sees in their inbox and makes the first impression before they click through to browse the content. In this sense, the subject line provides context with the goal of influencing the subscriber to open the mail.

This is what a Subject line could look like in an inbox;
  • Specific words that increase email opens (and what percentage you should use).
  • Specific words and symbols that decrease email open like spam triggers and further on.
  • The styles of casing and capitalization that are tested to extend opens.
  • How to use numbers and figures in your email subject line.
  • The number character, word and emoji counts that boost email open rates.

The more you check every sort of subject line, the more you’ll come to know your subscribers and their preferences. To help you establish the most effective length for your emails, here are 9 subject line strategies for you to try out on your subscribers.

1. The devices your emails are read on:

I From 2011 to 2018, email opens on mobile devices raised by 34%, in 2018, 61% of emails were opened on a mobile device.

It’s more necessary to keep in mind that your subscribers use a large range of various browsers and email users. This additionally contributes to the complexity of getting a one-size-fits-all best subject line length.

This chart shows the quantity of characters that show across common devices and clients;

When considering the email subject line length that may work best for your campaigns, think about using data to pinpoint subscriber devices. Are the most of your subscribers open emails on mobile, or are they sticking out to their desktop?

Here are January 2019 statistics for the highest 10 email devices and clients together with market share; Since the majority of people are viewing emails on iPhones and Gmail, optimize your subject line length to between 41 characters (portrait view on an iPhone) to 70characters for Gmail (you don’t need a broken experience as a result of your subject line is just too long)

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2. Be descriptive:

Sometimes, it’s better to be direct and descriptive than latest. Few offer slogans like ‘Fall into savings’ or ‘Sizzling summer bargains’ are accepted. However don’t provide a particular hook, instead, attempt to communicate the advantages of your promotions or signalize to specific deals.

This is what a Subject line could look like in an inbox;

Use merge tags to individualize your subject lines with every recipient’s name or location. Personalization is shown to extend open rates for many users, and will work well once combine with targeted automations like birthday deals and post purchase follow ups etc.

  • First/Last names: Recognizing your clients and giving them attention usually works in your favor. The personalized promotional emails have 29% higher open rates and 41% click-through rates. Using your reader’s first name or last name within the subject line of your email makes them feel valued. Out of a dozen emails you receive in your inbox daily, that sometimes catch your eye are those that mention your name.
  • Interests: Use your information of your customers to speak with them one-on-one in your emails, taking your personalization to upcoming level. The subject lines must let reader to understand that there’s one thing in the email they’ll find relevant to them.
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3. Include a promise:

It’s not that easy to inform somebody that you just can’t deliver on what you secure, but if you are doing it right, you’ll create your relationship stronger. Your customer expects something that was involved in their contract and you have got to clarify why you can’t deliver on it. Or, your team is behind on developing a brand new feature that was promised and you have got to interrupt the news that it won’t be prepared on time. Or, your former co-worker promised an insane renewal deal that’s simply off the walls.

The best way to hold backtracking on a promise:

  • Figure out what went wrong
  • Research replacements
  • Set up a call
  • Offer your alternative solution
  • Get clear guidelines for next time
4. Use Emoji’s carefully:

“An Image is worth a thousand words and an emoji can save you that many characters”. One of the latest additions within the evolution of communications is the use of emojis. You’ve surely seen it, if not used, the hearts, smiley faces and different tiny photos in a number of your emails, text or social media programs. While emojis once considered being the drama points of a teenager’s angst, they have made their reach into the work area. And believe it or not, they’re currently acceptable. Emojis once used properly will add meaning to your message and provides it an additional flair like nothing else. On the opposite hand, if used incorrectly, they’ll be seen as extremely unprofessional and inappropriate.

To help you clarify best practices for emoji use, here are 5 prescript rules to recollect. By this you can make full use of this new technology whereas still maintaining your profession:

  • Keep the situation in mind
  • Practice discretion
  • Use only emojis you and your recipients understand
  • Don’t use emojis with potential customers
  • Consider emojis like slang
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5. Subject line researcher:

Subject line investigation shows you the effectiveness of various keywords; explore for a word or phrase and compare your terms to any or all subject lines ever sent. Then allow list connected terms and phrases, and use a 5 star scoring system to point out you the way each performed.

6. A/B testing campaigns:

What if you may increase your conversion rate by deciding which message resonates the most along with your audience and when they are most likely to ascertain it?. A/B testing campaigns reveal how little variations impact performance. In contrast to the subject line researchers, that uses information from campaigns sent by all email users. A/B testing will tell you what your specific contacts like best.

7. Dump spam words:

Top performing subject lines avoid particular words and symbols that tend to make spam filters (or simply make your subscribers tired of opening them). A best practice helps you using zero spam words or symbols in your email subject lines to extend your chances of getting your emails opened. Avoid the below words and symbols that allows the recipient to block or unsubscribe your emails:

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At the end of the day, the simplest email subject line length can vary from brand to brand. It means it’s best to check out different lengths to examine what works for you. If you leverage your past information and test your subject lines, you’ll be on your way to knowing how long email subject lines should be to encourage subscribers to open and take action along with your campaigns. Often being successful in sales isn’t regarding doing more, it’s regarding being more effective. Use the information here to sharpen your skills and improve your email strategy.


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