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How to Design a Product Page That Have More Conversion Rate?

The truth is, average conversion rates from homepages to product pages are quite low; it’s around 2-2.5% on the average. The conversion rate for guests who land directly on a product page is around 7%. Yes, you heard right, an average of 7% - which suggests that they convert 300% more than the standard buyer journey on an ecommerce website. Knowing that, I bet you’ll begin to understand the importance of how participating and well optimized your product pages got to be for more conversion rates.

Your product pages are one among the foremost vital element of your ecommerce website. If it’s done well, they work to tempt in your audience and convert additional customers.

Why? As a result they provide customers a transparent, complete image of your product – so that they will decide if it’s right for them. To do that you’ll have to combine and attractive design with informative content, to deliver a digital expertise that produces clicking ‘Add to cart’ irresistible.

While there’s no magic formula to create an attractive product page, there are several elements that will make it stand out. And you’ll be able to begin with this handy list of 9 easy ways in which you can create high converting product pages.

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1. Figure out your Goal:

The best product descriptions are the once that facilitate the customers to envision their life being better with your product. The more descriptive you’ll be able to get better, and avoid using stock descriptions from the manufacturer: by creating your own original descriptions for your products, you’ll not only have a better time convincing shoppers to convert, however you’ll get some SEO ranking benefits with the method.

2. Use high-quality Images (Engaging visuals/ 360 degree views):

Images attract attention and a whopping 92.6% of individuals said visuals had the largest influence on their decision to shop. So make sure to use high-resolution photos, taken o either a DSLR camera or Smartphone. Invest in correct lighting, mirrors or white paper to splash light onto the product from all angles. Then alter the contrast or lighting settings, to raise the image quality. Avoid applying filters, thus customers will see how exactly your product appears. For consistency, think about using a white background.

This will make your pictures easier to edit and distributes light more equally. Images should be large enough to clearly see the product, with a choice to zoom in for a better look. Include photos of the product from each and every angle and think about showing how people use it in reality. Also, remember to optimize your pictures for better page speed and SEO. Your buyers might not be within your physical store, however you’ll still have to provide them a 360* view of your product. And it’s not as hard to try as you would possibly assume.

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3. Product Videos:

Many leading ecommerce businesses use product videos for improving conversions, they assist users to see a live demo and encourage to stay longer on website, with information securing higher search ranking and indexing. Videos are especially powerful manner of convincing buyers to shop. With a video, it’s nearly as if you’re searching in person! In fact, video will improve your odds of a front page Google result by 53 times. It is also easily shareable on social media. Make sure you take care of video length, as users have short attention spans. You don’t need a bad bounce rate impacting your search rankings.

4. Add Trust Badges & Statements:

Every week, new stories are revealed on-line regarding info breaches, cyber recognized theft, credit card fraud and personal information’s being stolen and compromised by savvy hackers. As additional events occur, customers became more caution of distributing their personal info on-line, creating a barrier to ecommerce purchasing. If you wish people to shop your product, you would need to assure them that their info is safe in your hands. To create this trust, trust badges are extremely suggested/ mentioned.

For example: A collection of trust badges you’ll be able to include on your product page. In general 48% of shoppers admit that trust seals facilitate them to decide whether or not to purchase. Trust badges are a simple way to let shoppers know that their purchases are safe. As a transparent image, trust badges instantly build confidence in your company thus customers feel comfortable completing their purchase.

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5. Call To Action:

A clear call-to-action (CTA) helps your customers scan quickly; Consider color psychology when coming up with your CTA, since some shades evoke particular emotions and perceptions. This could be a button which grabs attention and spark a way of urgency, as this brings in 45% additional clicks. The button should, with copy like ‘Buy now’ to encourage more clicks.

To encourage a lot of sales, Create your CTA button stand out with these tips:

  • Choose a Bold color: Choose a color for your CTA button that’s bright or stark enough to catch shopper’s eyes. It’s best to use a special color for different buttons on the page in order that customers aren’t misled to those buttons.
  • Keep it big: Create your CTA button the most important button on your product page. If needed, you’ll be able to have 1 or 2 different buttons that are identical size, but not larger than the CTA.
  • Play with contrast: Using different colors in your CTA can create the button pop on screen particularly noticeable to shoppers.

6. Customer Reviews:

Customers place plenty of trust in each other. A firm will tell you no matter anything to sell its product, but a survey can tell how a product actually is. Don’t be afraid if sometimes you get the bad review, as long as good reviews outweigh them. To collect reviews, begin sending personalized emails to happy customers. As a new incentive, you could offer a reduction or giveaway.

Some apps automatically asks customers for reviews once they purchase, making it simple or easy to feature social proof. If a purchaser sends a negative review, it’s better to handle it with expertness and courtesy – comments will boost purchaser confidence. These build confidence in your product and convey transparency. Plus positive reviews convert more customers and boost sales.

Consider these statistics:
  • 72% of shoppers say positive reviews create them trust businesses additionally.
  • 68% of shoppers trust opinions displayed online.
  • Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all buying decisions.
  • 84% of shoppers reported continuously or sometimes taking action based on personal recommendations.
  • 70% said they did the same with online shopper’s opinions.
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7. Offer Live Chat to Customers:

From experience, live chat is one among the best ways in which to boost a site’s conversion rate, not only as a result it provides a channel to solve customer’s objections, but also as a result it provides a constant stream of valuable concepts to boost your product page.If a buyer still has any queries once seeing your product page, they can rarely end up without shopping. They can sometimes convince themselves that they can purchase it later and end up leaving, usually ne’er to come back. To prevent this from happening, add a live chat choice on your entire product pages, thus shoppers will get any type of queries answered promptly.

8. ‘Add To Cart’/ ‘Buy Now’ Button:

If your “Add to Cart” button doesn’t stand out, customers aren’t going to click it. Check that the colour of your button stands out from the remaining of your page, and don’t divert with clutter or different style components. And also check that the copy you use matches the particular action of the button. “Buy Now” should take customers to a checkout page, whereas “Add to Cart” should take them to a cart page or just show a message that the item has been added to their cart.

9. Shipping Information:

Shipping and handling fees play a very important role in cart abandonment. In fact, unexpected shopping costs prompt 25% of shoppers to steer away. That’s why it’s necessary to spotlight shipping prices on your product page, so customers recognize what they’ll pay before setting an order. By displaying the approximate shipping time, you further reduce the uncertainty regarding to what the shoppers should expect, as many late shoppers will need peace of mind that their order will be arriving on time. By meeting or immense those expectations you’ll make sure that the shoppers had a good experience with your website.

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By following these steps, you’ll provide excellent product page – I hope the 9 examples on top have given you some good concepts that you simply will experiment with and implement into your own ecommerce pages to provide customers an extraordinary shopping experience and drive in more sales.

The factor to recollect with all of those tips and best practices is that what works for somebody else may not work for your website, and vice versa. As I have restated multiple times throughout the post, nothing should be enforced while not being tested against your current standard.

Remember: Your product page should answer customer’s queries and show them the worth of your product. By paying attention on the user experience, you’ll appreciate higher conversions. And you’ll use analytics to trace your results on the method.


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