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Why Facebook Marketing Is Important In Promoting Your Business

why facebook marketing is important in promoting your business

As a business owner, you must be constantly looking for new ways to get your products and services on the radar of potential customers. If you are not already, using social media for your business promotions then you’re missing out a huge opportunity to engage with your current customers as well as attract new ones.

Social Media Marketing is becoming more important day by day for any brand as it helps in connecting with your consumer in real time and create brand value for your business in the market by increasing your customer base. And if you want your business to take full advantage of nurturing relationship between you and your customer and capturing leads in the social media world then Facebook marketing is ideal for you.

Even though Facebook started as a young social media networking platform to help people connect with friends and family, it was a matter of time before it emerged as an effective platform for promoting brands and marketing businesses. With 2.32 billion monthly active users, it stand out as the biggest social media platform in the world.

why facebook marketing is important in promoting your business

As Facebook comes with many advanced features, let identify few which can be helpful in your business growth.

Accurate Targeting :

The success of any promotional campaign depends on how exactly you reach your audience with your ads or posts. If we compare targeting options in Facebook to other social media sites, then Facebook Ad targeting strategies are very revolutionary and with detailed targeting your Ads can reach your intended customers

Facebook helps you aim your audience based on various aspects like gender, age, interests, Location, Connections etc. Once you identify your ideal audiences you can select one or a mix of targeting choices that fit your business requirements.


why facebook marketing is important in promoting your business

Reach and Engagement:

 Facebook Reach is one of the most important KPI(Key Performance Indicator) for marketers when it comes to measure the success of Facebook pages or posts. As Facebook ads popularity grown exponentially in recent years its ideal to say that there is more scope to reach customers through Facebook marketing.

Engagement is also very important metric in Facebook. The latest Facebook algorithm gave highest priority to “meaningful engagement” means the posts which have meaningful content and are engaging to user where given more screen time. So the first and the obvious step to boost Facebook engagement is to create content that is engaging like posting images, video’s  or asking your followers questions & using quiz posts are some of the easiest ways to engage people with your posts. The more engaging the post, the more it’ll have a positive impact on not just your Facebook metrics, but also your business’ leads, sales and customer base.

Cost effectiveness:

Even a small business can start a Facebook page and display all of the information about its products or services at no cost. And you can run a promotional campaign for your business on Facebook with just an average cost-per-click of $0.35.Facebook advertising costs is decided based on many factors like the industry, audience, type of advertisements etc.

On Facebook, most ad costs are calculated with cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) metrics. With ad campaign objectives like Traffic, you can use pay per click metric, while for objectives like Brand Awareness you can use pay per thousand impressions metric.

Multiple Ad Formats:

The ease of making different types of ads is one more benefit of using Facebook marketing. Facebook offer’s various types of ads such as image ads, video ads, slideshows, carousels etc. Even a beginner can create beautiful ads on Facebook by just knowing the basics.

why facebook marketing is important in promoting your business

Before choosing an ad format, you should identify your business goals like whether you want a clicks to website, conversions, lead generation or offer claim or just brand awareness. Once you identify it you can choose the Ad type most relevant to your goals. You probably noticed Facebook has multiple ad types you could use for a single objective so you can you use trial and error methods to identify the ad format that compliments your business.

Effective Insights:

Once you created Facebook ad campaign, you'll be able to get plenty of helpful info from Facebook insights like post engagement and reach, likes, shares etc. And it also provide you some useful suggestions and improvements.

It is very useful to have such detailed info of our post and ads because the more customer insights we have, the better we understand how to engage the customers and create meaningful


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