Getting online search visibility is  challenging for many small businesses. Online Search Visibility is the presence of a brand or its products/services in the SERP(Search Engine Result Page) page.

By implementing  some online marketing strategies that deliver results, you can increase online visibility and be found by your ideal customers. 

According to Arekestall, “93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. And 70 – 80% of active users ignore the paid ads and focus on organic search results.”

Online visibility is the relative position or ranking of your website within the list of organic search engine results. However, establishing good online visibility is not as simple as creating a website and publishing it.

It includes understanding Google ranking  algorithms and doing some promotions to your website like creating social media pages and writting blogs and making your website visually attractive to the viewers so that the bounce rate will be less.

So basically for having high online search visibility  search engine does not admire your pretty graphics and layouts  Instead, Search engines scan for keywords, they look for internal links and backlinks and rank your popularity based on what other internet users think are important.

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How To Increase your Online Search Visibility?

They are some ways by which you can improve your online search visibility.


One of the most important and powerful tool for online search visibility was Blogging.

An up-to-date blog will help to drive traffic and increase your page numbers.

Every Blog is like a New web page. So every time your writing a blog to your web page your increasing your digital footprints and your are giving new scope keyword for your web page

It is important to write and post blog as often as you can, Written a blog every month also can increase your website traffic. make sure the blog have relevant content to your business.


By creating quality content and using basic on-page search engine optimization you can help your online visibility in the SERP.

You may not be expert in SEO try to hire professionals and if your budget does not allow it then try to learn 1 or 2 seo techniques and apply on the web page.

All they did was focus on the SEO basics.  They used Right keyword for their business and did SEO works and the results  can be clearly seen above.


Getting Customer Review is one of the best way to increase your online visibility You can also reach out to them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Many customers are influenced to buying products through customer reviews.

If potential consumers don't find reviews online about your products or services, they'll believe that either your product is unpopular or it is not worthy of their attention.

Add direct links to your Facebook Page, Google+ Page, Twitter etc., you have where you want someone to write a review.


Bounce rate means that the user does not find the relevant content  in your page and will quickly come back from the page. Google will calculate the time. If it is high google will give low ranking for the website and then online visibility will be less.

Where Rb = Bounce rate.

              Tv = Total number of visits viewing this page only.

              Te = Total entries to page.

Bounce rate is a customer engagement metric, because Google monitors how often people visit your site.

And if the bounce rate is more then google will think that your website does not have relevant information for customer.

So try to make your website more appealing to your visitor. And they must get a solution to their problems when they visit your website and it should be engaging.


Social media can increase your online visibility in many ways. Select the right platforms for your business and stay active on those platforms.

Social media pages will also be displayed on the Search Engine Result Page(SERP). This will be another way for you to increase your online visibility.

Social media posts are crawled and indexed by search engines.Some pages are indexed and returned to users in search results.

Content that picks up huge momentum on social media will likely be indexed more quickly by search engines.

That’s because the more links that a page receives, the quicker it will be found and crawled.

Create pages in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other famous social media pages. 

What We Do :

So We can achieve online search visibility by following some of the above techniques. We provide all the above techniques  for your web page and your page can get online search visibility. Our expert team will make sure that your business will reach your users how are searching for your business online.