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How to Maintain Online Reputation for Your Brand

How To Maintain Online Reputation For Your Brand

Before knowing How to Maintain Online Reputation for Your Brand, Let see why it is important for any product / service of any brand.  Now a days technology have grown in such a way that everybody have access to it. So whenever a customer want to buy a product or need any service then he is choosing any online platform for searching the product and to know the customer rating and reviews for the product or service which he want to buy or use. The online platforms can be anything search engines, social media etc.

So what happens when a customer used some online platform for knowing about your brand. He will check for customer ratings and reviews, and based on those reviews he will decide whether to purchase the product or not. Because according to a survey 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, 68% of consumers go to social networking sites to read product reviews and 90% of consumers says that online reviews influence their buying decisions.

So in this competitive world some people will try to make their brand popular by using some foul plays like give bad reviews for their competitors and sometimes some users will also do the same. So nobody will like to see bad reviews and bad rating for their products because it will indirectly affect their business growth.


online reputationFor example, think you have product it was not that good at starting so you got some bad reviews then you improvised your product and its good now but still not getting sold due to the bad reviews you got at the beginning then it will be a great obstacle for your business.

The rise of the internet has given birth to a lot of good things and a lot of things that are not so good. Now your good name can end up in the hands of people you can’t identify—and who are in places you may not be able to point.

So to overcome all these factors one should know how to maintain online reputation of their brands.


Respond to bad reviews in a right way. Understand what they have faced or what their point of view for the product is. Try to solve their issue as quickly as possible. And once the issue is resolved as them to remove their bad review and if possible as them to give some good feedback and review about customer support.

Genuine :

Be transparent and genuine towards your customers because most of the time one will get bad reviews only because you’re not being transparent towards your customers like hiding your shipping polices, return polices and giving a fake impression that you will ship the product quickly or fake return policies. Because these are the biggest contributors of bad reviews and bad ratings.


Try to upgrade your technology and be up-to-date. If there is any fault in your product then don’t wait for a customer come and tell you this is bad when you notice a fault try to rectify it as quickly as possible.

Above all are those which you can do, but sometimes the things will get out of your hands then it’s better for you to hire a professional because they exactly know how to maintain online reputation for your brand.

And what a technical person can do for you:

  • Removal of negative & bad links
  • Constant Monitoring
  • Enhance your brand positively
  • Identification of channels of bad reviews.
  • Clear your site negative search
  • Suppress negative links
  • Remove negative posts
  • Removal of defamatory links

They are professional people who can help you to maintain online reputation by removing negative or bad links that are attached to your websites.

They will constantly monitor your website and they will try to enhance your brand positively.

They will identify channels from which you’re getting bad reviews and try to negotiate with them.

  • Even though if you do all these the ultimate thing will be your product quality, durability, etc.
  • So try to maintain a quality product be genuine towards customers.