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Social Media Marketing is marketing (advertising) of products or services in Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc.

There are now more than 4 billion people around the world using the internet in which 3 billion people are using one or other social media platforms. so it is ideal for anyone to market their products in such place where billions of people are active.

Social media is all about engaging the customers, making marketing strategies in such a way were the customer should feel the concept is unique, interesting and engaging. 30% of the social media users says that they follow a brand on social media at least once a month, so make strategies not only for existence but also for building your brand.

Main advantages of social media are:

  • Reach more audience.
  • Can directly reach targeted audience.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • High Return on Investment.
  • Increase brand awareness.

Social media marketing is very cost effective, if you have low budget then social media is like boon to you because compared to other marketing’s techniques social media requires less money.


Before doing social media marketing keep these things in your mind.

  1. Target audience: Firstly understand who are your targeted audience means the people you think can probably your future customers. So try to understand them.
  2. Social Media platform: Choose 2 or 3 platforms where you think your targeted audience are active. Nearly 79% of adults use Facebook so try to choose Facebook then YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn are also popular platforms.
  3. Content: There is a saying Content is the king. So write some good content to your post about your product in such a way where the content should be shot and clearly understandable.
  4. Strategy: Now make strategies where user find the marketing engaging, Interesting and unique. Try to add some fun side to it. Because most people uses social media for entertainment so the marketing should be entertaining.
  5. Video: By 2020 most of the social media marketing will depend on video so create video for your product and upload it. You can sponsor some vloggers who have common targeted audience and also have high traffic so that they will explain about your product in effective way.
  6. Respond: Don’t neglect your users when they give you a review or advice. Try to respond to them as much as possible. It can built a friendly relation between you and your customer which can help to grow your business.
  7. Analysis: Do weekly and monthly analysis to see whether there is growth in your business. If don’t find any growth means that there is something wrong in your strategy. So check whether you have done any mistakes in the above steps. Check whether you’re choosing correct keywords. Is your content good, try to add more video and image content. Change your marketing strategies. Use trial and error method.

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