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online search visibility
  •  Business growth is a major concern for every business owner. If you want to start a business and become successful with it, you need to solve some meaningful problems. Execution is everything in business. Getting good online search visibility for your website can actually boost your business. 
  • OnlineVisibility is the overall presence of a brand or its products in the general consumer environment like social media, search engine result page (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) basically on any online platform.
  • And you may have a doubt why you should worry about online search visibility when you can use traditional approach like placing ads in television, Radio, and in newspaper etc. But I will tell you why online search visibility is very important for your business.
  • Electronic media devices have become a part of our life’s in this technically growing world. And every one are going online to find the product they want to buy or service they want to use.
  • Before Going Into the topic if you have a business you question yourself these questions:
  1. Are your online visibility and marketing efforts not giving you the results you hoped for?
  2. Do you notice your business competition enjoying more success than your own company?
  3. Are you unsure if your ideal customers even know that you exist while everyone seems to be talking about your competition?

If you find yourself answering yes to even one of these questions, there’s an easy way to figure out why:

Factors That Are Helping Your Competitor :

  • Content: There is a saying “Content Is the King”. If their website have good content then more people will like to visit their website because now a days more people are liking to read good content. Automatically it will lead to increase in Domain Authority.
  • Relevance: When it comes to search results, your page’s relevance is the most important factor. But now google had become clever that when a user type a keyword it also considering relevant keywords.
  • Internal And External Links: Internal and External Links also paly crucial role for getting high online visibility. Google consider it as one of the 200 ranking factors it consider to rank a page.  
  • Social Media: 70% of the people how are having internet access are using social media. Now social Media is not only a platform for entertainment but it’s also a platform for sharing information. And people are sharing their reviews of product on social media and that will effect on the mind of customers who are willing to buy a product. So try opting Social Media Marketing.
  • Reviews and rating: According to a survey 76% of the customers are considering the reviews and rating of the products that they want to purchase. Google also consider it as a ranking factor.

online visibility

7 Smart Ways To Improve Your Brand Local Online Search Visibility

1 .Keyword: Keywords play a very role for getting high online search visibility. You should always consider from the consumer point of view, how the consumer will search for your product in google. What type of search queries they use to search for your product. Then you should come up with a keyword which is relevant to your business and if you’re already have a good brand name then target for high search volume keywords and if it’s a startup brand then for first few months opt for low search keywords.

2. Target Audience: When you’re doing a business then you should have a clear understanding on who are your target audience. And you should always focus on your target audience when you’re doing digital marketing for your product.

3. Content: As I have said earlier Content Is the King. Try to write some good content in your web page. People like to read good content.

4. Blogging: Blogging also plays a crucial role in getting online visibility for your website. Writing a blog one for a month can also improve your business.

5. Backlinks: Google consider back links as a ranking factor. So if you have more back links for your website then automatically you can rank high and you can get high online visibility.

6. Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is nothing but marketing of a product on digital media. Digital marketing your product can also help your website reach more to your target audience.

7. Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization means optimizing your web page to rank high in the search engine result page.

They are so many other factors which can affect your website online search visibility.

In the next blog which will be posted on 10th April 2018 ,we will discuss about How To Improve Your Website Google Ranking. Till then have a great business.